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            |     ͧ§     |     Է DVD     |     LCD     |     DVD Ẻ     |     DVD Player     |          |       
ACONATIC  /  AN-SP131   
⾧ Set ⾧,˹,Subwoofer
ѧѺ 36.5 ѵ
ѡɳ Tower
Ҵ͡⾧ ˹ 3/2ҧ,Subwoofer 6.5/1ҧ
Ҥǵͺʹͧ 65 DB
к§ 2.1 CH
Ҵ(xx) 220.0x230.0x268.0 .
˹ѡ 3.5 š

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1,490 Bht.
ACONATIC  /  AN-SP100   
- ش⾧ 䫹բ
- ⾧ 2.1 CH ѧ§
- ⾧ Subwoofer 5 W (RMS) Satellite 1.6W + 1.6W (RMS)

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1,490 Bht.
ACONATIC  /  AN-SP170   
- ش⾧ 䫹մ
- ⾧ 2.1 CH ѧ§
- ⾧ Subwoofer 5 W (RMS) Satellite 1.6W + 1.6W (RMS)

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1,390 Bht.
ACONATIC  /  AN-SP150   
- POWER OUTPUT 3000W(PMPO) ŧسҾ٧ ¡ѧ INPUT 3 ش
- ͧº 2 ͧ
Ҥһ 2,790.-
2,390 Bht.
ACONATIC  /  AN-sp260   
- ش⾧ 2.1 CH
- ͤտѺٿ
- ѧѺ٧ش 180 ѵ

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3,990 Bht.
   ӹǹ 2 ˹  [1][2]
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